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Safety Certified Hoverboards Are Now Available

With hoverboards trending in popularity, a new way of traveling was born. The new demand for this method of transportation has also increased the need for safety. Thus, the hoverboards on this website are proudly UL 2272 Certified.
Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) have established a reputable name in the consumer goods industry as the go-to 3rd party testing company for certifying the safety of everyday products including hover boards.


Who are the Underwriter Laboratories?

Underwriter’s Laboratories are a global safety company based on science that were founded in 1894. Always making safety it’s first priority, UL thoroughly tests and inspects products, enabling customers to trust the compliance and safety of products.


What does it mean to be UL 2272 Certified?

While putting hoverboards through a variety of enduring and stringent tests, UL 2272 makes sure the electrical system, battery, and charger system stays safe under combinations of different conditions.
The following tests are done to to verify the safety of the UL item:
  • Water Exposer Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Over-discharge Test
  • Temperature Thermal Test (Determines the temperature of a product when it fails to function)
  • Strain Relief Tests
  • Over-Charge Test
  • Motor Locked Rotor
  • Label Performance Test (Comparing products against other leading brands.)
  • Mold Stress Test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Crash and Impact Test
  • Drop and Free Fall Test
  • Imbalanced Charging Test
  • Shock Test
  • Motor Overload Stress Test
  • Dielectric Voltage Test
  • 20mm End Product Flame (Test that determines flame resistance.)
  • Isolation Resistance Test (Testing Isolation Transformer.)
  • Thermal Rotating Test (Testing the effects of extreme differential temperature change.)



Where to find the UL Label on a Hover board purchased from TechUp Boards Hoverboard?

The UL Certified label is going to be located on the under side of the scooter. It will be a golden holographic label that reads exactly as the picture shown below.




Is there anything else I can do to be extra safe with my already safe hoverboard?

Great question! While the hoverboard has been designed with safety in mind, there are still some guidelines to follow in order to keep the safety features intact.

  • Only use the charger that was designed for these hoverboards.
  • Keep the hoverboard away from high temperature areas especially while charging the scooter.
  • Wear protective gear such as helmets or knee pads whenever possible


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